Welcome to Alquatro

Alquatro is one of the first and most prestigious interior design and lifestyle shops in the Algarve.

Our mission is to work each space in order to enrich the experiences that will be lived there.

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Interior Design

Whether you want to decorate your home or another space, Alquatro offers you an experienced team of designers, an inspiring showroom and an atelier where you can customize your project.


At Alquatro we choose furniture that adds elegance to functionality.

We have access to a wide range of local and international suppliers and we work with several renowned brands so that you always find the ideal solution for your space.

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Fashion & Lifestyle​

In our shop you will also find carefully selected lifestyle and fashion items, such as Portuguese designer jewelery, hats, clothing, shoes and more. We choose products that match our core values – quality, a preference for organic and natural products, and national or artisanal production.

Who we are

Alquatro is more than an interior design shop, it is a reference of good taste.

With more than 30 years of experience, Alquatro has successully completed countless interior design projects for private clients, public spaces and model houses for real estate projects.

Our story

Founded by Teresa Cálem and João Louro in 1986, Alquatro began as an atelier and decor shop at number “4” on the Almancil road.

The pursuit for excellence, the personalized service and elegant good taste have led us to become a reference in the sector, and to complement interior design with a wider range of products and services.

In 2011 we reconverted part of the showroom where we opened Pizzeria Casavostra. Very popular not only for the delicious pizzas but also for the spectacular space, that harmoniously incorporates the recovery of a traditional Algarve house with an open space of contemporary lines.

Today, Alquatro is synonymous with a customized project of interior design, a team you can trust for your refurbishment, a selected shopping experience, a design studio with its own production or a dining & shopping experience.

The recognition obtained over these more than 30 years has turned this family project into an essential stop in the Algarve.

Our mission is to create spaces in which people feel good.

This has been the basis of our success over the years.

Alquatro is more than a shop, it is a way of life.

  •  Client satisfaction

Alquatro differentiates itself with its personalized and attentive customer service. We strive to ensure that each client is always satisfied.

  •  Quality and attention to detail

We select suppliers and products of quality and durability.

  • Privileging Portuguese or local products

We believe in the quality of national production and work with many local suppliers.

  • Traditional with modern

We have a huge respect for the traditional and rustic esthetic and we believe in its harmonious connection to the contemporary. Our showroom represents this value perfectly.

Attention to detail and commitment to our clients make each job unique by defining not just our service standards but also the soul of each property.

In each project we try to meet your needs, your taste and the properties of the space, while trying to instill the charm and elegance that have become characteristic of Alquatro.

Meet the team

Fernando Amaral

Fernando Amaral

Head of construction
and transport

Ana Santos

Ana Santos

Interior designer

Lina Kneizyte

Lina Kneizyte

Interior designer

Paula Mendes

Paula Mendes

Interior designer

Joyce Monteir

Joyce Monteiro

Executive secretary

Fernando Antunes

Fernando Antunes

Chief operating manager

Luís Martins

Luís Martins

Warehouse control

Fernanda Antunes

Fernanda Antunes

Executive secretary


Your home should tell your story and be a collection of what you enjoy.


At Alquatro we believe that the best publicity is built on successful projects.

Vale do Lobo

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Vale do Lobo

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Herdade do Peso


Lisboa, UAU